ISO 27001 Certified

Getting your Information Security Management System ISO 27001 certified, helps you assert your commitment towards protecting your clients' and your business' information. Such a formal attestation also exempts you from numerous regulatory audits. I can help you identify and close gaps required to get your organisation and/or products ISO 27001 certified.

Start-up Support

The thought of setting up information security controls can sound overwhelming, costly and intrusive, but it does not have to be. I can help you identify low-hanging fruit in staying secure during the first few months of your business. We will build strong security foundations for your start-up, that will allow you to protect your brand reputation and maintain your clients' trust, without breaking the bank.

Plan and Budget

I can support you with gap assessing your controls and then building a 90, 180, 360 day plan that will allow you to invest in mitigating your business highest risks – focus is key. We can showcase your long-term strategy and link your strategic intent to budget requests.

Leadership Support

Whether you are a new leader, or just looking for support, I can assist you in building a high performing team, with a structure that aligns with your business needs. I can also coach and mentor you as you settle into a leadership position.