About Me

I am an information security professional, with a proven track-record delivering improved information security maturity for organisations in diverse industries. I write this blog from time-to-time, to share what I’ve learnt through my experiences as a leader, having built security engineering, operations and GRC teams from the ground up, in alignment with business needs and strategies. I do hope you find it useful.


I also provide consulting services for:


  • start-ups looking to protect their business by setting up strong information security foundations;
  • small to medium enterprises, looking to improve their information security maturity;
  • businesses aiming to get ISO 27001 certified in the coming months;
  • new information security leaders seeking support on how to gain buy-in for their initiatives from the top down;
  • businesses or leaders wanting to build a strategy, align it to business needs and support it with budgetary requirements;
  • businesses needing support in successfully implementing information security controls that require a change in business culture;


If you are looking for support on any of the above, or are unsure whether we can help you, reach out for a free consultation here.



Why choose me as your Partner


I am a skilled information security professional, with over 8 years of experience working in IT Audit, Risk Management and Information Security Management. I have experience building and leading information security experts in fast-paced organisations, within highly regulated industries.


I’ve managed information security, governance and risk initiatives across a variety of sectors, including gaming, technology, property management, industrial engineering and logistics. I have a track record in adopting and adapting industry known security frameworks, such as ISO 27001 and NIST CSX, applied to companies with international presence inside and outside of Europe.


I am a certified information systems auditor (CISA), and hold a Bachelors Degree in IT (Computer Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence) and a Masters degree in IT, Management and Organisational Change from Lancaster University.


I strongly believe in treating information security as a business risk, and in working with business leaders to prioritise information security initiatives. Security should always be an enabler of the business, protecting information without negatively impacting operations.


Contact Details


Contact me here for a free consultation РI look forward to being your partner and assisting you with your information security and/or leadership needs.