About Us

Follow this page, for updates on infosec, leadership and organisational change management. My blogs will involve opinion pieces on how I believe infosec risk should be seen as a business risk, and infosec teams treated as a partner to the business.


Who am I?


I am an information security professional, with experience working in IT Audit, Risk Management and Information Security Management. Currently heading a team of 6 in a medium-tier, fast-paced organisation, within a highly regulated industry.


Am a certified information systems auditor, and have recently obtained a masters degree in IT, Management and Organisational Change from Lancaster University.


Still learning, still growing – aiming to be the best leader I can be through managing myself and focusing on helping others grow and excel at what they do.


Strongly believe in treating information security as a business risk, and in working with business leaders to prioritise infosec. Security should always be an enabler of the business, protecting information without negatively impacting operations.